As U Know..i Like Him

ah it's my frist time to write this,,



anyway,,, there is T, that ilove.

but im in high school and he is in middle school.

i did not like him until after i graduated from middle school. i saw him in my dreams and i just felt something that i should not feel.

i had so much memories about him. he was so awesome but i liked him as a T, and he was nothing more than T.

he is an art teacher.  i loved his talent and he loved mine. : )

he put his painting which is his wife, in his class room. but he is divorced. he never said that but i know for 100 percent.

after painful 3 months, i cold visit him,, and i ran  to him and hugged him. he rememberd my name!!(he does not have good memory.TRUST ME.)

he asked me if i wanna see his private studio.

i saw his private

there was  a lot of his painting of his EX- wife. lololol.

he did not let me see one cuz it was unappropriate for my age. i tried to see it but i decided not to.

i missed him after i left. i wanted to drop out art class cuz i thought i am not talented and figured out the reason i drew alot of drawing in 8th grade was cuz of him . and  there's no reason why i have to draw.

but after i visited him he encouraged me and i had a reason but i lost it after few days later.


apparently i could meet him again because he needed help in middle school. he yelled my name when he saw me. i was really happy.


so i drew. there was no moment that i did not think about him while i was drawing.

i sometimes think it's fate to see him again like that. even my sister was in his homeroom last year.

he talked about me and he loves my talent and my personality. (maybe..i was soooo annoying.


it makes me sad whenever i think about him not to paint anymore cuz of his ex- wife. she did move on but he did not.


he is my all

DoISuah DoISuah
1 Response Sep 7, 2008

lol thats a cute story, mine is pretty similar only he wasn't an art teacher