He Would Be the One

My gosh, I have never felt this bad over a teacher before, I have had little crushes on teachers in the past but this is just crazy. I'm currently in 6th form in my school that I have been in since year 7 and about 2 years ago a new teacher came to our school, and from the moment i saw him i was hooked. I didnt know who he was or what he taught i just wanted to know everything about him, i put it down to plain old admiration, he looked unique compared to all of the other teachers from our school. when i was in year 10, i first had contact with this new mystery teacher, turned out he was a new re teacher and was from canada. I was struck by him, (not in a physical sense - he didnt hit me ha ha!) and I wished he was my teacher so i could get to know him better. The following year my wish came true, I was going to be taught by him a level re a year early (which is now my favourite subject, no suprise there ;)) Since then my admiration has grown into something unbearable, i just want him. I constantly dream i am with him and i never want to wake from these dreams, its the best time i have the whole day! I know that nothing can ever happen between us two as i am just a little kid in his eyes and he is happily married with children and i could never break that up! I wish that one day i could find someone just like him but my own age, then i think my fairytale ending would come true!!

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Oct 12, 2008