I Was.

My technical drawing teacher invited our class to take part in a project. As it's my fav. subject, I was so keen to do well. A while into the project he[the teacher - Cathal] revealed that he was going to have to choose three people to put their project forward in an competition. This was a big deal at the time!! I was stoked when he chose me and my two best friends to be "those three people".

As the months went on, we had to spend a lot of time with him to work on the project. I was the most motivated out of the bunch and so, naturally, I ended up spending the most time with Cathal.

Weeks went by when he and I would spend hours a day together and of course it wasn't always working!! He always gave me the opportunity to talk about whatever I wanted with him. He helped me through lots of problems I was having with a friend of mine at the time. Cathal was in the process of moving house [with his girlfriend] and we always spoke about his money problems, his house problems, decorating plans etc. As we grew closer he would talk about his girlfriend a lot more and it was obvious he was crazy about her =] . Then we would talk about our family lives, our past, our future. We developed a great bond and a great trust.

It all came to a rather sudden end when the competition ended and we no longer saw eachother as much. He's a gaelic coach and so I went to see all of his matches. He was still my teacher and so he kept an interest in my studies and how I was doing.

The amount of time we spent together outside of school made me really grow to love him. First it was a crush [he's uber fine!, but as I discovered the amazing person the he is, my love for him grew deeper.

I will be taking the class this year and next year. He will more than likely be my teacher.. so maybe we'll have a chat some time. I hope so. What a guy.
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The ending of your story sound like what Im thinking. Me english instructor also teaches a creative writing class, and I am most likely going to be taking his class. Just cause he said I should/would be great in that class. He's such a good guy.

me too, some of it happened to me as i live my life with my bf who is unfortunately married. :)

You're story sounds crazy similar to mine.. Tech drawing teacher, gaelic coach... they're always the sly ones ;)