im totally in love with one of my teachers.. hes soo hott.. We always talk afterschool and i think he likes me. At basketball games he always comes and stands by me even though he should be were all the other teachers are... He said he was going to get me a memento from a school trip i couldnt go to...I said i wasnt going to take his class next year and he got all quiet and asked me why.. I said i was just kidding and he looked all relieved. He said if i wouldnt have taken his class he would really miss me. It was also close to valentines day and he gave me some chocolates. it was so sweet. I always catch him staring at me and when i catch him he quickly looks away.. I really love him... Its sad..

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2 Responses Feb 22, 2009

Listen with the way your describing it he does love you and you should one day when your alone together just jump at him and kiss him to see if he really does have feelings and if he dosnt appologize anywayi have the same problem i love my teacher to and he puts out sighns that he loves me to and i think he does.

awww i wish MY teacher would do that to me too..You are so lucky lol, but hey come on you must NOT love him even if he does, cuz i love someone, but i think he doesn't love me back, cuz there are lots of other girls in my school which are hot and popular, he goes to them not me..so just be his student not his girlfriend :P maybe he's married or maybe he's dating someone, or maybe he just like you as his daughter you know :)