Hi, I am a 17 girl and I'm love with my teacher... He's 36 and he's married. Oh.. And he has 2 children =
I really don't know what to do because I am almost sure that he likes me too but it's not one hundred percent of sure... But well, I'm going to start my story... First of all I really admire him, he's so smart and funny, he's a brilliant guy and I really love him as a friend too. He have been teaching me for 3 years and He always treated me kindly but it means nothing because he treats all students (the female ones) like that. But as the time passed, things start changing, we started to talk about my personal life, he always asked me about my boyfriends and family, I was a really innocent girl and He probably saw me as a daugther. During this time we became very close friends but with the time passing I matured and Change a little, I kind of see myself as a woman now and so does he. My feelings for him growed and I'm sure I'm love for him. But well, about him... He is always looking ate me, he makes compliments all the time, he says I'm beautiful, he says I'm a queen and when I was dating he always look jealous and when I broke up he was so happy . He always takes my hand and makes compliments about my nails, he said I am a very attractive woman and sometimes when I ask if he is fine he answers that he is better now that I'm talking to him. He usually tells me about his unhappy marriage. I have his phone number and he always say "why don't you call me?". I think he is afraid of trying something with me because he does not know if I feel the same. We both are afraid of giving the first step. So I decided to try showing him how I feel about him... I dreamed about him and I decided to tell him that I did. When I was living school I told him and he gives that pretty smile and ask me if I was going to tell him the dream later but I only smilled back and walked away. Oh, he always makes compliments about my perfume. Once he said my perfume drives him craZy.
Well, I'm really lost, what should I do?
Ps.: I'm sorry for my english, I know it's bad but it's because I'm not a native speaker
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This man loves you and he wants to make a step but affraid :) if he is unhappy as he said in his marriage then go for it . Try to text him more

Hi, thank you so much for your advice! Do you have some ideia about what should I do to show him that I am in love with him but without being so direct ? I already text him things like good night or have a nice weekend, I would like to call him but I know that I would be shy and it would be a awkward conversation

I'll text you :)

I'd also like to add that the best thing for me to do in my situation was to cut off all contact. It has been rough and it has driven me crazy, and it might be hard because you see him every day, but the best way for you to get rid of those feelings, or at least keep them in line, is to stop ya liking to him.

I want to start out by saying that I am also a seventeen year old girl who also fell in love with an older, married man. I am not just one if those people who likes to put down people in this group. But I want to tell you this: don't take the first step. I know you want to, and I know it might seem okay because he says his marriage isn't working, but if it is, let him and his wife get a divorce because they don't love each other anymore, not because he cheered with one of his students. If it becomes an affair, people will find out, and twenty years from now you will respect yourself so much more if you make the right decision here. Feel free to ask me anything. :)

I meant to say cheated, not cheered.

Hi, thank you so much for the advice, I'm happy To find people with similar stories because they know what are we passing through..I would like to ask you about your relation with this guy you talked about, I mean, do you think he likes you too? And could you really cutt off all contact? Because it is really hard, I don't know how and if I can do it, mainly when He says something lovely or when he gives that smile that he only gives for me

It gets me out of my mind :(

I plan on posting my whole story later today, and you can read that when it's there. I do know he liked me too because he told me he did, but he is also happy with his marriage. Neither of us wanted to jeopardize that, so we never did anything together and mutually agreed to cut off contact. I wrote him a goodbye letter telling him how I felt about everything, and that is the last either of us has heard from each other. It's been really hard, and I wish I could talk to him or see him all the time, but I am really proud of myself because I know did the right thing. The right thing is almost never the easiest. Hang in there, and know I am there for you. :)

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of course he loves you,you are 17 years old girl
he will Use you, Abuse you And Then Discarded you

Yeah it sounds like he likes you, I'd be a bit careful though because he sounds borderline creepy. And even if his marriage supposedly sucks, he shouldn't be doing all these things with you while still married

I am really lost because this feeling is just growing and growing, and every time he shows interest it gets worse and better at the same time! This is my last year and he said that he will miss me and he would like to see me next year like out of school, but our relation is getting too intense that I can handle of this anymore, mu friends start to note how I look at him ans How he looks at me. I don't know if I should say more things showing interest or wait for him to do something.. About his marriage, he once said something about divorce but I know how are things going know. I only know it's getting hard for me and probably for him too

I don't know*

Many guys that have "mistresses" tell that girl how they are going to divorce their wife, they almost never do. They use that line to keep you around. Tell him you appreciate him as the person he is but that if you guys are going to keep up contact after you leave, that he has to stop with the mixed signals/flirting and that you only want to be friends

You're right, that's the best to do, I just have to be strong because I have a connection with him that is stronger than me, I mean, I really want him like I never wanted anyone, what a pity I can not have him =

If you go read my stories I went through a similar thing (minus him hinting heavily he wanted me more than his family haha). I care about him more than anything but I'm 100% okay knowing we will just be friends, that's all I've ever wanted though so it may be different. Good luck and you can do it!

I'll read your stories! Thank you so much for your advices!

You're welcome!

so you are waiting for him to divorce his wife and the mother of his children for you?!

I just want him to be happy, I don't want him to divorce but I'll support him if he decides to , and if this happen I'll be there as a friend and as something more If he wants me that way too

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