Does anyone else hate when people say things like "you shouldn't develop feelings for your teachers" or "you shouldn't friend/follow your teachers on social media" or "you shouldn't text your teachers" when, if our teachers acted strictly professionally in the first place, we maybe would not have developed these feelings we have no control over? Like, we aren't the ones crossing a boundary, they are!
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Please don't blame it on the teachers, there are only a few young men that want to be teachers anymore because when a girl interprets something wrong (not saying anyone in this group cause I don't know their full story) and other people hear of it, it sometimes leads to real big trouble for him! He will be seen as "predator" and the girl as victim/ "prey", it's never the other way around!
And I'm not saying this as an outsider, I like one of my Ex-teachers but it was definitely not his fault.

yeah, i agree :)

my former teacher says " we both made mistakes but mine were bigger"

i think it is sometimes hard to set that boundary and keep it, especially since
teachers arent trained (at all) about what to do when students crush on them.

probably :)

when i am a teacher someday i will know exactly what not to do haha