I'm 15 years old and i'm in love with my female gym teacher. I'm bisexual and it seems noticeable that she dresses like a lesbian but is she a lesbian ? I'm usually very quiet and hardly talk to anyone except for when i ask questions. She would smile and stare at me sometimes and i would get kinda turned on from it. I really wanna have sex with her but I'm only 15 and of course shes older than me. I never really fantasize men that much like i do with women. I really wanna come out to her for some odd reason but i don't wanna be in a bunch of bullshit so i guess I'll wait but i don't want to !! Of course i keep having mini anxiety attacks and feel like crying and i would massage my neck repeatedly when i have the tensity to get freaked out. What should I do ? Who should I tell ? What CAN I DO ?
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I 100% understand what your going through and actually it's happening to me and my Spanish teacher :3 and well I can't like tell her but the small things she says. I'm only 13 and starting to feel these feelingsā€¦