Sometimes he would ask the weirdest questions.

One time at church he asked me "When you get married what colour would you dress be be? Because you love the colour green."

And in my yr 9 mind, I was screaming with delight inside.

But calmly I replied with. "White but my braids maids would be in pastel green dresses."

And for the rest of the week I kept thinking how he was thinking of my wedding and I'm like "maaaaate you totally want us to get married right? Thought so"

It's always the small comments or comments that surprise you which are the ones that you remember the most.

It is an interesting journey we are all on, both thrilling and frightful and sometimes actually pretty much lost all the time.

Laters :)
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I am confused... What did you mean by 9 year mind?

I'm telling past stories from when I was in year nine and year ten. I should have clarified that oops.

You are in love with the same person now as you were when you were nine?

Yep, ever since I was in year nine, I think that's freshman year for America. Not when I was nine years old, I was 14 when I crushed on him. (I saw your comment about 'when you were nine' so I wasn't sure what you meant.)

Oh okay, I see,

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