In a new college and....

I already know I'm going to have a crush on 2 of my male professors. Hahaha it never ends with me! They won't replace my original professor but at least they will be something to crush on in the mean time. I'm still waiting on my professor to email me back but I feel like he won't until his classes start, he better or else!(:
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Yay ur back

Haha hopefully!

Crushing on teachers just makes everything a bit more exciting and interesting, well I hope your new college works wonders for you :)

I hope so too!

Girl, have you already started college?! You're crushing on your professors?!

Ha ready my past stories, that was undergrad and now I'm in graduate school

Oh, yeah! I remember. :P
So, how's it going with all this?

Well today was my first day so idk quite yet. If all goes well I'll have stories!

Alright then! Will be looking forward to it! :)

Me too!

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