Something inside me started to happen about ten months ago. He's been my teacher for three years, and last year, I started to feel something little, tiny, that grew into something huge. When I first saw him, I knew he was absolutely different from others - and I was right. He is kind, friendly, nice, always happy and calm.

In autumn, I knew this was love. I don't know why it started, but I know I can't do much about it. I wanted him to see that I feel something, so I gave him a Christmas card, the best I could choose. He looked so happy, with a sparkle in his eye. Then I wrote a poem with a letter and gave it to him on Valentine's Day. I wanted any response, no matter what it should be. I just wanted to know - but he did nothing. We just often look into each other's eyes and smile. That's all.

Then there happened a little email conversation, he was ill and then there were holidays, but he was writing like the poem never happened. (I know he his divorced and has a son, but it can't just stop my heart from loving him.)

All I want is just his view of this whole thing. This is going to be my last year at this school. And I have to know what he thinks and feels, I can't just leave without that. I wish we could try it together (after my graduation or so), I don't care what people will think.

I love him, I've been looking forward to seeing him again after this summer. Just two weeks left. I'm so excited!
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Tell him :) don't miss that chance
Dont tell him straight i love you , it will creep him lol but slowly okay

what about him?

I mean have you ever thought that he exchange with you the same feeling
has he ever showed some love ? or it is just kindness?

Mmm in that case you have to do the following:
1- make your invistigation and make sure that there are no woman in his life
2- after you sure you will start to deal with him very kindly and lovely, chat with him , phone calls, buy some gifts, check what the things he like and bringit to him , have a dinner with him ...etc
3- after couple of week doing the above , then next step is to stop comunication with him i mean make him feel that something wrong happened , so if he asked you whats happen why you have changed that mean that he care about you if he didnt ask you then i will tell you what to do
4- incase he asked you whats wrong and you feel and sure he is care about you you should talk to him honistly and tell him about your feeling then he will tell you the same as he enjoyed to stay with you ( this is depend on your performance in step 2)
If he didnt aske you then i will tell you what to do
Very important note ( never ever have sex with him even by talking about sex) you know why?

Good , but please at least do step 1 and 2 to avoid heart breaking i passed with the same experience and i rushed to tell her my feeling without ensuring she is love me or even care about me ,the problem is she was had feeling to another guy and she reject me , this situation happened 9 years ago and i cant forget or

Good luck hope he will love you more and you will live with hime forever if you need any help just message me
Please add me

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