I miss him :( Last time I saw him on thursday but he was like talking to another students, female ones which makes me so jealous, but the point is that when he was talking to them he was looking at me, what is he trying to do?
This morning I was thinking about something that may be another evidence about his feellings for me... Every monday after class he stays at school to give an extra class for the students who wants, of course I am always in that classes hahaha , last monday I sit on his side and I was a little imbarassed so I picked up my phone, then he started trying to look what I was doing at my phone, another thing and the most important one is that we were sooooo close, I mean, I was sitten on his side and our arms were together and there was a moment that hi kind of laid his head on my shoulder but it was really fast because there were another students in class
But I don't know, I am afraid and its getting hardest because everyday I want him more :(
Ollyecleo Ollyecleo
18-21, F
Aug 22, 2014