Guys it has been such a hectic few weeks and I am so sorry I haven't posted any updates....

So just a few weeks ago a very dear friend of mine told me that they had a massive crush on me and they had all of these things that they have been wanting to tell me for such a long long time and I guess I never really noticed them in that way....

Well anyway so now this person wants me to start dating them, BUT I still have a massive crush on Mr. S!!!!

I don't know how many of you remember my other stories but I truly truly like this teacher of mine and that is not just something that is going to go away.

So I guess I come to you all with advice, What the hell should I do?

Should I try moving on and date this friend of mine? Or should I try my very best to wait and see about Mr. S? Keep in mind I am in contact with him over Facebook again! Very confused and I'm looking for advice from anyone! I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place :(
Dpreukssiya Dpreukssiya
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2 Responses Aug 24, 2014

The friend only if YOU are 100% interested in dating them. Don't just do it because they like you. The odds of anything happening with your teacher is low so now point passing up other guys for him

go with the friend :)

you already have a real relationship with them, rather than a few facebook messages.

when you have something right in front of your face the feelings for your teacher will take the back burner, most likely.

you have got nothing to lose. if they really are a good friend just say "hey lets try this out but give me time to feel the same way about you, and i might not ever, but i want to at least give it a shot"