HI guys, um idk if you guys remember me I was the one who had a crush on my chem teacher ,G. I'm sorry i've been away my mother found out about this and she had me delete the account and cut off extra activites and grounded me for like 7 months. But this place is a safe haven for me to talk about my feelings and if i have to get in trouble just to feel comfortable then so be it. I missed my friend qtrocks ( i think thats her username lol) and many more of u guys!
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Oh my goodness I think I remember you and Mr G. I definitively remember a Mr.G. If it makes you feel better the school chaplain found my account and I had to delete it. Which sucked balls. I don't even know how she found it.

Heyyy :)))
Well did she talked to school? I hope not

no i talked her out of it, i got so scared. how are u?

Oh thats good , it is scary :/
I am fine :)

welcome back! how is it going with your gym teacher?

hi lol and not much progress we are just close friends lol we are on summer vaca and I am one out of a few people that he told his summer plans to. we have texted a bit back and forth but nothing much

hey that's still forward momentum!

haha yeah