Painfully Straight

She (yes a female) is about 33 and im 16, she has the most beautiful brown eyes i cant help but stare at her when shes not looking but she catches me everyday and just looks away.. almost like shes dissapointed. my marks in her class have rocketed because i want to impress her and when i get the top mark in the class she smiles at me and makes it all worth it :] I wish I could talk to her but now shes going away, 110 days to be exact and I dont know when shes coming back I dont know how im going to survive without her. I need tips people! I need to hate her so it dosnt hurt when she leaves :( Please help.

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it is morally worng to think that way, stop it and decide differently, if you follow feelings you will be a no body everybody will use you. stand up for right things

I also have a lesbian crush on my teacher.

My teacher has brown eyes too...What can I tell you?...let her know that you have a crush on her. Thats what I did. She told the principle ,but I fell better after I told her...

Hi, if you realy love her you can't do anything about it! I had the same situation and she had enough wih me cus i was following her everywhere waited for her after school in chool car pak ad v'e got excluded! I fall in love with her when i was in yr7 iv'e got excluded from that school in yr 8 now I'm in yr 9 and i still love her I was trying to kill my self but it didn't work... she knows taht i ove her but she dont care and iv'e got police warnin to dont go near that shool again cuz if i do i will get arrested! :( And one more thing the teache i lve got brown eyes too XD :)

I'm in that situation now, message me in private.