Hey guysss

So Saturday I went to my man’s house . So when I knocked his aunt opened the door and she kissed me. His all three aunts hugged me and begged me to stay but I said I can’t because my father is waiting for me . My man was in the shower so when they told him that I came , he was like coming and he put his boxers on haha and when his aunts left he hugged me tighttttttttt and held my head and kissed me  then he gave me the books and we hugged again and I saw him three times fixing his **** haha omg lol … Then he told me that he will give me the rest of the gifts that he got me from holand and its like a small ball made of hair ties , its so cool and like a makeup bag  and the last time I saw him he gave me perfume too <3 so I said thank you and kissed again and I had to leave … When I got back home , he told me that when I came he was out of shower naked hahaha and I saw I know I was gonna go in but I felt your aunt didn’t want me hahah because he was naked :P
that’s all about my baby ..

OMG guys today was the first day of school okayy
I haven’t been there for a week and it was my first day to go and everyone was hugging me like ugh stop it guys lol some people thought that I was traveling and others thought I was sick , I preferred not to say :/ my mom was ill and she still is 
So third period came and I had no place to go , usually I go to library but it was closed so I went with my three guy classmates upstairs where students play football.. 2 classmates played and one stayed with me and we were talking , and guysss who was sitting a bit facing me ??? THE CHEMISTRY TEACHER YESS AND HIS FRIEND THE P:E TEACHERS .. So I was sitting with my classmate and suddenly I heard one of them saying

Chem: Can’t you see how beautiful is she ??/
P:E: Yeaaaaaaa she is very beautiful

* I thought they were talking about someone else I didn’t gave a sh!t *

Chem: the mosttttt beautiful girl in whole school
*my nameee * you are the most beautiful girl in the school


I looked at him like wtf lol and said: No

They were staring so much !!

The chemistry teacher came close to me and pretended that he wants to throw rubbish it the rubbish can but he didn’t !!!

he came close and stared like an *** hole

I looked at him and continued talking to my classmates , gosh my classmates was astonished :o

the P:E teacher left to train kids . Whenever I talk about something funny my classmate and I , I could see that the chem. Teacher smiles but he was turning his face … so then he left and we all left ..

When I was leaving and searching for my bus , Ugh I had to pass by the chem. And the p:e teacher … I had no one with me walking and the chemistry teacher started to sing when he saw me :O “Oh baby you are so beautiful , you are so beautiful “ ahahhahaha wtffff I was speechless and tried not to laugh but stay emotionless.. Oh and remember guys last year when I used to put my leg so he can fall hahaha I am so mean ,, He did it today and I raised my left eye brow and he just laughed ….

those dudes are so weird !!!!!!!!!

so I told my man what happened and he said this dude is crossing the line too much , get away from him!!

me: Yea I know

Him: a small laugh but it was weird :S

then he said he had to go eat and he slept too early today , I hope he didn’t got jealous 
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Can you message me please? :) I have a few questions to ask you :)

Sure :')