5 days left of freedom
I will start school on Monday. Starting school means homework, people copying my work constantly, annoying teachers complaining about us, stupid people who think they're cool and seeing him again.
"There's one good thing I guess" you might think but no. I really don't want to see him again. I didn't miss him at all this summer. I felt free and strong. I never depended on anyone's decisions or opinions. This summer I did everything I felt like doing. I went to night clubs, I went everywhere I wanted to go, I broke some hearts, I lost weight, I got tanned, I read books, I played volleyball everyday and I even got a new piercing. I did all this and I had loads of fun WITHOUT him. Without all his ****. I even managed to forget about him but I know that when I go back to school the 8th, everything will start all over.
The door will open, the water will come in and there is nothing that I can do to stop this. My scars will become open wounds again.
Why can't he just let me live my life? "Stay" says the part of me that lives the moment. "Go away, leave my school" says the rational part of me, the one that thinks about my future and the only part of me that knows what is good for me.
You, the devil itself, get away from me, go back to where you belong.
Go to hell.
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It's hard for me to believe you're looking at the one negative rather than the many other positives you have going for you. You'll become stronger mentally and he won't even be in the back of your head.

Unless I misread that. In that case, disregard that. And this.

What do you mean with "it's hard for me to believe"? It is not that I am looking at the only negative part. It is just that I realised that he is no good for me and I have to see him everyday and I just don't want to anymore.

Sorry, wrong age group

Haha how old did you think I was?

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