Well, seeing as this website is coming to a close, I figured to update one last thing in this experience group. I used to be a big part of this experience group, but ever since my former teacher blocked me on Facebook, I did not want to believe I was still in love with the man. I do not even know what it is I am feeling towards him anymore. I don't think I want to know anyway because it's not a pleasant feeling. It is amazing how much I have grown to hate him. Hate...? Hate??? Yes! I guess that is what I am feeling. AND IT FEELS SO DAMN GOOD! I just do not know what to do if I see him again, which is highly possible. Do you guys have any suggestions for me? What would you do if you were to face someone you love that has blocked you on Facebook? Should I put on a hood over my head and hide from him? Should I act like I do not know him, or pretend I have amnesia and forgot him? Should I flat out ignore him? Uggghhh... the options are endless... and tempting...

Please, no negative comments. This man has destroyed me.
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Hi Raven. I would stop preoccupying myself with him and let him fall into the past where he belongs so you can make room for others in your life.
I would let go of it so as not to spend so much emotional effort on hate. Hating him doesn't hurt him, it hurts you.
And lastly, if you see him again, do the same thing you would do when you see other people who have no significance in your life, but that you once knew in the past. Say hello and keep moving forward.

Obviously there is a reason to why he blocked you. But, you just never know. Maybe he had feelings for you, but didn't know how to handle it, or he doesn't want people to judge him or you and he is afraid of that, or he really isn't that interested. Also, depending what you said when you friend requested him. But, we don't know what is going through his mind. But I will say is, never look down when you see him. Act like him blocking you on Facebook didn't bother you at all. If you make it awkward, it will be awkward. If you guys meet again, you guys might talk. When that happens, act normal and have a normal conversation with him. Still act you. And who knows, maybe things might change.

Hey girl. Thank you for your AMAZING comment. You gave me so much to think about, and have opened my eyes to other things. Your comment actually flattered me for the most part, but I am really not having high hopes for anything in this dilemma. One thing is off though... if he didn't feel anything towards me... he would have told me right...? Hm. Don't mind me; just thinking out loud.
Your point of view, once again, has got me quite satisfied. Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on him. Thank you... you have a beautiful soul.

I am here for you if you want to talk

I have the similar story

If I were in your situation then I would act like I don't know him period. I have read your stories. You should act like you never meet him. This man totally don't care about you.

Right there with you!