More Then Just A Hot Sex Ed Teacher

Now my friends just call it a big crush and i admit to them to that i have the hots her. but the truth is its more then a crush. im madly, insanly. deeply in love with her. let me begin to describe the situation. Im 16, shes 26. ten year age difference..i dont find that important. Now i identfiy as queer. yes im a gay guy. but i do find myself very connected to females and sometime i find them i guess u can call me homoflexible. Now this teacher who teaches sex ed is wow hot as hell. shes 5'3 long blond hair beautiful face, perfect body, used to be a cheerleader, always wears tight pants and heel, which make her *** loook great. i never personallly had her as a teacher but shes in the gay straight alliance at my school and weve become really close over the two years weve known eachother. im a sophomore in highschool. 5'5 not much muscles though i am an athlete, considered good looking but still im a teenage boy and u know how we can be ackward at times. so yea i guess shes kinda out of my league. i talk to herr everyday. walk in at lunch or come by after school, talk 2 her in the hallway. wen we talk wen no one else is around its amazing. we have hour long converastions just about everyything. she does hav a bf thoough...theve been toghter for 4 years. im scared that one day shes goin tell me shes engaged to him. shes the only one that i feel complelty happy with. when im with her all myy problems go aaway. when i see her in the hall everyyone else just seems to disaappear. she told me she loves me personailyy and thinks im really funny and enjoys when i come and talk2 her. shes always there for me. when i was a freshman it was just a crush..but ive become so into her. i love everything about her, the good and the bad. and its not sexuall.. i mean id love to have sex with her i guess but thats not really wat i want. i just want to be with her. hold her hand..sometimes we slap hands and we hold on forr a few seconds. she alaways laughs at my jokes and shes all i think about. i brokeup with my boyfrriend because i relized shes the onyl person im really inlove with. of course i wouldnt do anytihn stupid to mess it up like tell her..but still i want to. on the last day of my senior year wen the final bell rings im going ask her out..even if i know shell say no cuase she has a boyfriend...any one with any advice to keep my mouth shut till them. shes so amazing

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3 Responses Feb 25, 2010

Sis you tell her?

I'm in exactly the same situation. I think you should go for it. Good luck!

Do it boy. <br />
Do what makes you happy.