Is It In My Head Or Could My Teacher Like Me Too?

So i have the hots for one of my teachers and this is how it all started getting too going to call him Mr. Little.  I am a sophomore now but ever since i was in i think 7th grade he was a substitiute but now he works at my high school as a material processing teacher.  While he was substituting back then i did think he was cute, but now that i have him he just seems to be getting hotter every minute of the day.  This is how it all started....well i failed a class last year and me and the teacher decided to just meet up every two weeks to turn in a report, when we decided to do that he took me to the guidance office to get my class changed for that period.  When i was in the guidance office i saw a fimiliar name on the computer that had a class with no one in it, yes it was Mr. Little's class, so i told the guidance councler to try and get me into that class.  Not only was i not interested in the other available classes but knowing that i would get to spend a little alone time with a hot teacher.

Anyways know that im in his class there is only one other person in it with me, i dont mind much that she's in there too because if i get lost for not paying attention to what Mr. Little is saying then i can ask her what he means so he doesn't think im really dumb lmao.  Since btw this teacher is also a swim coach he has to worry about his wieght and so forth.  He always is drinking diet cokes when im in his class and since it was just V-Day a couple days ago the diet coke has a big heart on it with a little guy holding it.  One of the kids from next door in his room comes in from time to time and talks to him about random things sometimes, well the other day the kid saw him drinking the coke and asked if that was a heart on it.  Mr. Little said "Yea it is a heart on it"  (((those arent the exact words i cant remember but it was very close to that))) while he was saying that he was looking over at me striaght in the eyes and i just had that feeling where you think someone may like you.  Another thing is that the girl that is in that class with me was absent the other day and when one of us isn't there then the other one can just sit in the class and do whatever they want.  I decided to help him out by helping him organize a couple nails and label boxes and stuff, I just had a VERYYYY strong feeling that he wanted to something sexual with me but tried to keep his distance (((i did too haha))).  Another thing i want to put in here is that he seems to pay attention to me more that the other student, like he'll always want to stand closer to me talk to me more help me more, even when i dont need it.  One more thing, the day when we were gluing boards together in the begining of class he said that we will be getting dirty today becuase we had to use our fingers to smear the glue along the board side.  Right before we started glueing he looks straight at me, not even trying to hesistate looking at the other student, and say's to me "You were waiting all day to get dirty for this"  when he said that it kind of sounded like he was kind of being perverted like as if a boyfriend/girlfriend would say before you guys would do something naughty. lmao.  but of course i didn't mind it because i have the huge hots for him, but tell me what you guys think,  could he like me but is trying hard to keep it on the down low because of the trouble he can get in, or could it all be in my head because i like him alot and hoping he likes me in that way too????  Please no rude comments.  thnx for reading :)

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I have a teacher at my school who teaches band. I love adam levine, and he knows that. Everyday at lunch I would go talk to his wife in the library how adam levine is so cute, one i said you cant compare adam to your husband. She then said " your right because my husband is so much hotter" then i had his class next and i told him the story. After school i went into his classroom and he said " i know im hotter than adam levine, i dont have ink pressed all over my body, its is all natural" in a sassy way. And i started laughing so hard. And i see him all the time im the hallways, everytime i do he waves and makes this big smile :) Yesterday was his birthday and me and my friend made him this huge candy card with balloons, and he said" all these are for me? Awe your so sweet (. Looking at me with caring eyes) he didnt say that to the other person. We joke around a lot in class and call each other funny names based on our personalities that day. Hes 35-37 not sure he wont tell us, and im 13.

this might sound a little ugly but your judging with your eyes not your heart if u realy want to be with this guy u need to know about him alot more

See this is why i want to write a book. (;

I hope you didn't end up having sex with him because you are just too young!!

I know this happened years ago. I am curious what ended up happening between you two?

So I'm a guy age 17...a junior in highschool...I'm in wrestling..and football
And wieghtlifting...but I have this pretty good looking teacher in my 1st period.
..she is the wife of our schools head dean
Anyways she is always staring at me from across the classroom with a weird glimmer in her eyes and always asking me to do her favors (move boxes)(deliver papers) how should I approach her...I want her to know that I dig her too (without being awkward)

dear..either me ..every year i have one of my teachers likes me but i didnt do any mistake with any of them i treated them very formally ..they tried to treated me special but i dont want to be lonely,see but this year all.of them likes me ..but i didnt ignore them i am.older now and i know what i do i just have to go with one but i am really confused i like them.all but they dont know ..i still do the right i treated them formally ..but one of them too much ...what should i have done

hmm i think yes and your majorly lucky to be in in there alone with your teacher crush..i have a crush on my math teacher and its packed and i sit in the pack i can hardly see him but to the left its his desk and since im in the back im closer to him...i really like him and idk i feel like he does to he always picks on me to answer a question and we have silent rreading and i glanced over to him and he immidiately turned away..i blushed haha and when he talks to the class he stares at me alot..wich is the back..and when hes walking around checking peoples work he always coughs and sighs when he walks by me..sometimes he bumps into my chair i sit there daydreaming about him all the time(:

I know exactly how you feel. My teacher always used to majorly flirt with me. (And I can't say I didn't do it back.) But obviously he couldn't act on any of his feelings. 1) He was my teacher. Duh. 2) He was married with two (now three) kids. <br />
But I know for sure he was DEFINITELY flirting. So yes, it is quite possible that your teacher also liked you back. But no matter how much he felt for you, he couldn't do anything about it. :/<br />
Thanks for sharing.

I have this teacher, well he's not even my teacher but, he's always stopping me in the hallways asking to see my pass and he always its so confusing nevermind I understand how you feel! I have a crush on a I would dare tell him nor the last teacher i had a crush on last year...I dont wanna fall in love it scares me just seying that I want to be around him if I have to get in trouble around him or whatnot, Im not sure if he's married I hope not but it feels so strong everything going against me I would just fade away if he ever stopped paying attention to me :( I guess if thats what it takes good I dont want these feeling to run any deeper, sure I may seem like an immature little 10th grader to him! but to me he's interesting, im corious! hes smart, handsome and im...just me. does he know that i .. .. whatever i feel? does he know

A friendship first after graduation would give ya a better view of the situation.

I agree with june1999. First off, do you know if he's in a relationship? Is he married? Even more, DOES HE HAVE KIDS??? You don't want to be played with. See if he can keep himself from being outright with ya till your out of school. If he does like ya and he can wait that long and isn't is a relationship, THAT would mean something. It would mean that he cares enough not to hurt you or put a potential relationship in such shady situations.

I agree with stillamazing...<br />
<br />
I was in love with my professor once.. I think he loved me too , but he was struggling as he didn't want to lose his job!<br />
<br />
they can love us , but it is not more than that.. they can't help it .. <br />
<br />
but we as girls , can't move on so quickly especially if we r in real love .. <br />
<br />
but let's face it , this is life.. it is always harsh..<br />
<br />
u need to enjoy ur time with him.. but make sure that he will not be available ever.. <br />
<br />
unless u graduate.. and be no more in his responsibility..

I know it must be exciting to have someone you like seem to like you right back but man. You know yourself how much of a trouble you guys are gonna get into!<br />
<br />
Step back a little bit and think. (I know it's kinda hard to do at this point, lol.) But if you can tone down the crush for a while, think. Do you really want to be in a relationship with a man who'd take advantage of his student? Because that's all there is to it.<br />
<br />
From an angle, I can say that you are unfortunate to have fallen in like with a person who happens to be a teacher but as a teacher myself, I'm sorry, I can't stomach the thought of a fellow teacher doing anything inappropriate to a student.