Why I Love My Wife?

Some of the reasons that I can think of why I am madly in love of her:
1. A great lover - she is always ready to do anything that will please me. It is like I ask and I get it.
2. A great **** - she is the most wonderful lady on bed that I have heard of - I talked to so many people on internet too and if she does not beat all of them, she is second to none.
3. Beautiful - she is beautiful by almost all Indian standards - curvy body, beautiful big eyes, fair skin (by Indian standards), big boobs, body in very great shape till recently when she started to gain a little weight, less hair, natural great shape eye-brows. Only 2 things lacking a little: her hair not very long and nipples not big - I think the rest of her traits simply outweigh them (and I have done a good job with her nipples, they are enough size now, and if she is heated, they are quite big enough to bite and suck - definitely suffices).
4. Always trying to help in any way she can.
5. Great to talk to - always soothing when I am in need to be soothed.
There are a lot more reasons but these are the ones that seem to be on the top of the reasons.
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1 Response May 5, 2012

She is a keeper, on your profile you mention you like to talk about sharing her. Did you succed? love to hear about it.