Best Friend #3

So, now we're to my current best friend. Or at least we were best friends. I don't know things are a bit confusing right now. We will call him Aaron. We met threw a girl I knew back than. She was dating him at the time so Aaron and I became friends. We didn't really become best friends until the beginning of our freshmen year. I forgot his name and who he was because I'm not really good with remembering people's names if I don't see them at least once a month. So when I asked what his name was I thought he said a fruit name. So it stuck and now we use it as a joke. Beginning of freshmen year he's dating my best friend Christine, so we hang out a lot. One day we were reading a book in my English class and the subject in the book was a touchy subject to me. I ran out of class crying because I couldn't handle it. I was going to just run home, but Aaron was there outside of his class and caught me. For some reason every time I get a new best friend I'm always crying. No I don't always blubber like a baby. I haven't cried in about a year. Anyway, I tell him everything and we just sit there and talk, eventually I stop crying and start laughing. I like guys that can make me laugh so I was the one that fell first. But he's dating my best friend so I clean myself up and go back to class. We're inseparable for months. And this one night, I'm walking home from basketball practice and he decides to walk me home. It's dark out and I'm his best friend so he didn't want me to walk home alone. When he walked me to the back of my house where an old parking lot is we hug. Now this hug is not like any of our other hugs. This one lasts, I pull away a little bit and he puts his hands lower, to my waist. And he looks at me. You know the moment before the kiss? How they stare at you before they make that final move? He was doing that. He leans in. I step back. He's dating my best friend, what was I supposed to do? He says goodnight and walks away. I tell my best friend I kind of like her boyfriend. She's alright with it. But she becomes more clingy to Aaron, especially if I'm around. It's cool I understand. Then I find out she's been cheating on him since a month after they started dating with Aaron's best friend John. I find out first. Found them together at a party and I talk to John about it. He tells me everything. He thinks he's found the one. I'm torn between two of my best friends. Christine finds out I know and threatens me. "If you tell him, I will hate you for the rest of my life." She said to me. So when Aaron arrives at the party, I find him, and I tell him. They break up. I don't talk to Christine and she doesn't talk to me. They get back together because John ditches Christine and she can't go without a boyfriend no longer then a day. Literally. Then they break up again. And now he's single, I'm single and he tries EVERYTHING to kiss me. I shut him down. He is officially friend-zoned. Now we're in a fight because I was telling my friend that I liked this other guy and It's all messy and I've totally screwed things over. AGAIN. He said we either date or we can't be friends anymore. He says I'm such a tease. I guess I am. This is my best friend #3
only1unknown only1unknown
18-21, F
Jan 11, 2013