My Love Is Thousands Of Miles Away...

So I just want to say that I have always disagreed with online dating. I always thought it was so silly to fall in love over the internet....Until it happened to me. I never in a million years would have thought I would meet someone online. I was just feeling bored one night and I went onto an online video chatroom...which i never do! But i thought...why not? So, i kept skipping through all of the weird, strange people and I was about to give up. Right before i was going to get offline...i saw this guy. He seemed as if he was on this chatroom because he was bored as well. I thought i would chat with him a little bit, I mean why not right? I was instantly attracted to this guy. He had the most gorgeous blue eyes i have ever seen. He was blonde, attractive, and one of the nicest people i have ever met. I was expecting to chat with him for a few minutes, maybe half an hour TOPS. But before we knew it...we were talking for hours. We ended up enjoying each others company so much that we switched over to Skype instead. It was nice to get away from that chatroom. We had such a great time talking with each other! By the time we said goodnight, we had been talking for 8 hours. EIGHT! That was insane! But we just had the best time. He never left my mind. I only knew this guy for one night and i already felt so close to him. I thought this was impossible...I feel like i am living in a dream. He seems so perfect for me. The only downside to this is that he lives in Belgium, and I live in America. We have been Skyping and emailing every single day. He is truly the most amazing man. We are already planning his visit to America. I hope to visit Belgium as well. I am falling in love with this man. He makes me believe in love again.

ADVICE!! Please tell me what you think about this situation or if anyone has a similar one? I just dont know what to do or feel. Thanks!
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My LOVE lives in AMERICA AND IAM IN INDIA I just want want want her now everything like taste less in my life. This birthday of her I am sending her letter will it will work see except it or fling it Iam (literally burning)

This is exactly what has been going on with me, I know you posted this two years ago and I hope you see this, but I need thought an online love would happen to me, I met a guy on a blogging website we both use, and I immiediately thought he was cute, he's from England and I'm from California, we started messaging each other constantly and I got to know so much about him as well! Now we have each other on Facebook and snapchat and whenever he's not busy we can message or snapchat for hours and it's so fun, I would love to meet him someday and I know I will! Because he's always wanted to visit the US and one of my dreams of all time is to visit the UK so keep your hopes up! Be positive! I think I'm crazy sometimes for falling for someone like this even if I know he doesn't feel as attached as I do! But I know when we meet something can happen between us! We just need to think positive no matter what

you are so lucky...i am in love with someone who i don't think love me back...he dont't know me but i know him...he is from israel and i am from greece...i talked to him on facebook one day and never again...he is so beautiful with black eyes...i don't know what to do but he is all the time in my mind...i have download all his photos in my mobile phone... can sb tell me what to do?

I am in love with a girl from youtube. She is sweet and very kind person. I am obsessed with her, but that's okay with me. We like the same thing and have gone through same things and she even cares about strangers... Who cannot fall in love with that person?

That is wonderful!! I am so happy for you both :) i wish you all the best and may your future together be full of happiness. I am giving this time and i know that it will work if it is supposed to :)

I also met my partner online!! He's actually from my hometown and his sister used to be in my class when I used to live in my hometown. However, his sister and I didn't really talk to each other. We just knew by names and faces.
After a few years I moved to another country and made a profile in Orkut (you may not know this but Google also had their version of social networking site). Someday this guy popped up on my profile and we started chatting. We used to chat for hours whenever we met online. After a few months we started skype video chat.
I used to meet him whenever I went hometown. So it's been like this for 4 years and guess what; we decided to live together forever from next month :) I'm marrying him!!!

I had a similar situation like this. I live in America, and the guy that I was talking to lived in England. We talked and webcammed all the time. We were 'together' for almost six months. At first, I was in love with him - or so I thought. I wanted him here, or I wanted to be there. We talked for hours and hours about everything. He seemed perfect. He knew how to make me laugh, cheer me up, make me smile - he was too good to be true. At the time, I was in high school and he was out of school, working. We planned for him to visit America, or for me to visit England. But it never worked out. Eventually, we both became bored and realized that it just wasn't going to work. I would get up in the morning and automatically get online and talk for hours, almost until it was time to go to bed. It wasn't healthy to stay on the computer talking to someone all day while ignoring friends & family. I also found it stressful to have to depend on something to have a relationship, aka the computer. When the power went out or the internet went out, I freaked out because I couldn't talk to him. That's all I ever wanted to do, and I believe it started to depress me that we couldn't see each other sooner. So we 'ended' it. Even though we didn't make it through and last, doesn't mean that it will never happen or that it couldn't have happened. We both got to the point where we needed a physical relationship - we craved one, and we couldn't be bothered with online dating anymore. We still talk though, and webcam. He is one of my best friend's now, and maybe one day we really will meet. But until then, I believe it was best that we went our seperate ways and were realists instead of hopeless romantics.

This makes a lot of sense. I too have thought about my dependency on the computer. I have done a complete 180 ever since i met him. I used to never be on the computer unless it was school related. Now i find myself on it all day. Thank you for replying!! You really have given me some insight on this situation. I really do appreciate it :)
-Take care

Of course, I'm more than happy to share my experiences. (:
Hope you figure it all out!