I'm In Love With Him And He Is So Far Away

So I was bored last November, 2 nights before Thanksgiving. I went online and was just playing around googling all kinds of nonsense until I fell upon a penpal site. Now I thought penpals were for kids as I had one in elementary school. Well apparently they have them for adults and I thought what the hell? Why not? So I signed up, now I'm from the U.S. and decided I didn't want to make penpals here so I just wanted long distance ones, make it more interesting and less strings attached. I wasn't looking for love, dating or flirting just FRIENDS. Of course I got a TON of messages right away cause I was new to the sight. I said hi here and there but got bored pretty easily. I was about to sign out after ignoring the last 10 messages I received and in the midst of deleting I have no idea what made me open that message, but it was just a simple hi how are you? So I checked his profile before responding, he wasn't the best looking by the pic, but I was intrigued. He is from Algeria. I had never heard of it before (I now know it's in Africa). So we started to chat and before I knew it it was 4 hours later. We had the best conversation ever, we were finishing each others sentences. weird. So by the time that conversation ended I find myself all gitty like a 14 year old girl who just talked to her crush. What the hell just happened??? I have never been one for chat rooms, web cam chat, never did online dating etc. and here I am thinking I had just met this amazing person and he's so far away. What to do? So by the next day I'm telling myself this is not a good idea, keep it as friends and push the feelings down and away. He was persistent and I let him be. We started exchanging pics, he was so handsome. That first pic I saw of him did no justice. Then we moved to facebook and started chatting everyday via messenger. So he wants to skype one day, I really didn't want to. The only person I have ever skyped with was my sister, but the little voice inside my head said do it, so I did. Best decision I have ever made. Now we skype all the time hours on end. a few weeks into our love fest he tells me that he is moving to Dubai for work. We were 6 hours apart, now we are going to be 9!! But we said we will do whatever it takes to make this work. It's been hard and struggles here and there but it's still going strong. It's only been 2 months but feels like we've known each other for years. We've talked about seeing each other all the time but it's so far away and blah blah blah and he's in a contract for work for 2 years and has a 6 month probation period, so no vacay for the first 6 months etc. So I decided that this cannot wait til June or July to be handled. I've saved my money and just bought a plane ticket to Dubai for March. Yes I'm a crazy woman I know. I have never left the country before either, a first time for everything right? But my gut is telling me this is right. We are both sensible pretty much about the whole situation. No high expectations, we have both discussed that this may all change when we meet but if we don't we will never know if it was really meant to be or not. But if it is meant to be than his *** will be moving to the U.S. so we can live happily ever after. His words, not mine. So my whole point to this story is, always follow your gut. You never know what could happen, sometimes things just fall into your lap, you may not know why or when but just go with it, if it's meant to be. It will be, I'm just hoping this all goes for the good, cause I really do love this man
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I think I know the site you're talking about. But...put that a side.
I'm also in the same situation as you. Trust me, I don't know what got into me the day I started dating my bf on international penpals website. Mine is a bit slower than you though, we were friends for a year before started dating 5 months ago. We're 11 hours apart and that is not a short distance.
At first, I thought things would be easy as long as we found times to talk, to keep in touch. But then, things happened, and we have to face them all, one by one.
Mine is a tough one, I hope yours would be easier. Just please, remember:
1) Have faith.
2) Listen to your heart and your mind.
3) Make sure you have no regrets.