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i know this sounds stupid buy its true. Theres this girl am i just crazy for shes my best freind ever for one thing. Heres the basics she is basically my dream girl ....and for someone reason she dosent hate me like even i do. She says she see's me like a big brother though she says she'd go out with me if she wasn't seeing someone. She's bassicaly a dream come true...except she has a boyfreind. He lives in florida ...and is 6 years older than her. I know he's a good guy proboaly but i cant help feeling like i do for her. she knows i like her but she has no idea how strongly i feel for her. its killing me that i cant be with her like i wish i could i wish i could tell her how i really feel but i could never do that to her. Plus i know she'd be happy with her boyfreind. ITS DRIVING ME INSANE. i litteraly cant sleep at night...well less than i ussualy do..which isnt much 2 begin with. I cant take anymore. i am totaly wild about her but i know it will never be. anyone know what i could do....i mean besides cry myself to sleep every night..join the army......or load up on pills.
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you feel as though you cant live without her, you feel as though life wont go on without her. Unfortunately I know how you feel, I have been there before. Trust me, the idea of the relationship is probably better than it would actually be. The more you dwell on this the worse it will be! You gotta either get up the guts and just spill the beans or find something to occupy yourself. You're just torturing yourself keeping it like this.

I sooooo so so so know how you feel man. I am totally in love wit this girl but she has a boyfriend. What sucks is they live closer and go to the same school, so in a way it seems he's better for her than I am. I care about her way too much...much more than she cares for me I think. It drives me insane too...I fall asleep thinking of her...she is in my dreams and the first thought on my mind when I wake up. I told her exactly how I felt at one point...but now it seems like it never even happened. <br />
It's like I kno I could be everything she wanted if she let me.<br />
I really don't know wat to suggest considering Im in a similar boat....but anytime you wanna talk about it you can totally talk to me no prob at all

....i aint gonna have any hapiness,,lets just say that when the light at the end of the tunnel is never there it can get........annoying u've obiously never cared about someone like this

Leave her to her happiness and pursue some of your own.