Tyler You Can Suckit, ******* *****.

anyways you thought i wan't going to find out about your little girlfriend you ******* user. too ******* bad your "best friend" (and you know who im talking about because you only have one bestfriend stupid hoee) TOLD ME about it. yeah you guys must be so tight if he can tell me what your doing behind my back, yeah thats one "brother" that aint got your back you ******* WIGGER. we all know the only reason your dating her is because you think that will upp your game with the girls in town. well guess the **** what! it dosen't. everyone thinks your ***** cause you think you can play games but cant, stupid. i know. too ******* bad your not gettting **** out of me. not even a kiss letmesee. how many times have you told me you liked me and then dated another girl??? hmm, maybe i should kick you in your non exsistant balls so you'll know not to ******* play games with me.
*** hole.

Beccaisdabest Beccaisdabest
Jul 19, 2010