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i think i fall for people who make no logical sense so that when they get tired of me i can say "duh" we made no sense anyway!  if i am ever single (which looks very possible soon) i think i may need to figure out how to stop doing this. or  is my heart just sooooo wide open that common sense goes out the window!?!?!?  let me know what you think!!!
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Wow! Thanks again for the compliment. There is a technique for positive thought ... It is so obvious that most people throw things at me when I point it out ... do be, are the key words. Things I CAN DO and things that CAN BE. Example: I don't want to be negative anymore = I am positive. The less words said, the more positive it becomes. "I shall refrain from negativity" = I am positive. I am; I can; I feel ... set the mind in a specific direction of the target stated. One becomes single minded and focused on what is and can be and what feeling it will have. I can be friends and I will feel loved. I can be a loving person and feel great about myself. There is a need inside of us to affirm how we feel. We need to take those feelings and restate them in a positve sense. Let the love shine forth in miles of smiles. You go girl!

raven, you are simply the best!!!! ok i will not wish you luck but all the best the universe has to offer. i am thinking deeply about that battle cry and feel i may need it real soon! yes, i hear my little b.s. alarm going off but have a hard time acting on it. i try to always tell the truth to everyone and just don't want to believe people will decieve you just for their own sick pleasure sometimes. my faith in karma is strong and so i shall refrain from anymore negativity. you always bring out the thoughtful side of me! thanks agian, you're one iof the good ones i can feel it!

Thanks darling, Chris and I just need time, not luck, and where we are now is exactly where we need to be. I trust that, even though I may not like it. I only used that as an example, and now, with the lies. You need the luck, or perhaps just to give thanks that you can recognize lies. I hate giving advise, because no one ever really needs it. We all know what we want to do and are mustering up the courage to actually put the plan in motion. My battle cry in those moments is written in ink on my monitor "You've nothing to lose, Go for it!"<br />
May you find your battle cry ...

raven and K you both make great points, i was just lied to today. the person came clean very quickly but still not sure what to do. will make it up as i go i guess! lol raven good luck to you and chris, wish i could talk to mine!~

At this point, why not consider giving your heart a break...**** them....before they **** you.<br />
<br />

Maybe you will meet your equal and the two of you will be self-protective. It happened or rather is happening to me now. We met, fell head over heals for eachother, but, we knew that that was not of itself worthy of a response other than -- let's get to know each other. We are really good friends. That can be a foundation for a life time of good solid friendship. Not expecting to go beyond helps one see clearly. Hurt hearts meet, like Chris and I, and we neither wanted to be hurt or hurt again. Slow is good, in most things relational, slow gets it done!