some things will never happen, their just fairytales....i should forget about him and stop dreaming impossibles!
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I feel the same. From the beginning i know that we will never be together and I tried many times to forget about my feeling towards him but it is difficult. maybe i have to try harder.

yep, i feel the same...good luck to us.

It is not easy. Time is your friend. I am in love with an impossibility myself. Logic is far less powerful than emotion. In my case I know she will fade into a pleasant memory once I settle down. You are your best friend and are worth more than anything on this earth.

"You are your best friend and are worth more than anything on this earth."

I second that.

I feel like you do in a way, but I just want a friendship that I can never have.

you can always dream of him...Dreams are free and don't have times lot....

I am new to this and i am not sure how to say what i want to say so i will just put it out there.<br />
I have been single for about 15 years i did not want to get involved again until 3 weeks i started to think that it would be great to have a women in my life again so i found a dating web page and i subscribed to it and as i was going through all the pictures i seen a picture of a women that really<br />
caught my eye. I read what she had wrought in her profile and i liked what she wrought.<br />
She has MS and she is pluralized from the waist down. That is no problem for me at all do to i am disabled myself but i can still walk ok but not all the time.<br />
We have talked about sex and that is not a big deal for me at all do to i have a lot of nerve damage in my lower back going down my left leg and she does not think she can either. As much as i started caring about her in such a short time im just a little afraid as to how this will work out between us and how we are going to be able to get past the things we have wrong with us. I may be over reacting i don't know. I'm also wondering if there is anything that i should be concerned about with her.

wow..great story..and i can tell yur a great lover! follow yur heart and never judge yurselve bcos yu might be wrong abt what people thinks of yu! i like the great sense of humur in this story! Best of luck.

I know this feeling all too well. being in Love with someone and can';t have them, I tried to forget about him and push him out of my mind but it just made me want him more. I can't have him for a few reasons. So we desided to be friends for the mean time and anytime I have to let something out He is there for me to listen and i figure its better to have him as a friend then not to have him at all. So i know the pain your going through.

yeah thats true i can sleep or eat right now i just lost my best friend my wife and well this sux

wow, thanx!

there is somethings tha not even time can take ways cracks int he glass that remind no matter what .. but you can get going and learn from the experiance<br />
all the best i can relate to your pain xxx

i knw and its so unfair!

but sometimes you just can't forget what you should forget...