So i started having an affair with this guy that i really like. he is sweet. he makes me feel good. only thing is that i know it will not go any further than the fun. we both have someone. i hate that i have allowed myself to get so caught up. its like self torture!
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yes. everyone needs someone be it a friend, or family or someone to have their back. i am it for him. he has no money, no job, no family and no prospects. i dont expect anyone to understand, i really dont. but i do what makes me sleep good at night. i want to also correct what i said earlier. i am not miserable. we have great days and great moments. i love this man to death. the day i wrote the post probably was a real bad day for me. i have those too. as far as the cheating and being in love that **** is gone too now. that was also a phase, i have went back to just being a wife and having my good and bad days.

I don't agree with you having an affair, but I do think that you deserve to be happy. Why does he need you to stay? Do his needs really matter so much more than your needs that you're going to stay with someone who makes you so unhappy?

honestly i never was a big cheater. i believe in giving all of me to someone when i am with them. but my husband puts me through such hell and really gives me nothing. we have no sex. we have no kids. he doesnt work. he is mean and nasty. he is a drunk. i would leave him but i know he needs me so i stay. in the mean time i am not trying to look back on my young years and say damn where did they go. therefore i have affairs. i stay with him for his stability but i have affairs for my sanity. i dont think i will go to hell for that!

You are being unfair to yourself actually. You weren't put on this earth to babysit an immature husband, you were put on this earth to enjoy your life, possibly procreate and live YOUR life. I hope you find your path :)

True Karma comes back to haunt us all in one way or another,Regina. On the other hand ,when one feels trapped,in a stagnant relationship,where no affection or love is shown by either side and the tension can be cut with a knife ,while walking on egg shells all the time ,yes id say an affair or romantic fling would look like the answer ,and to some it would be a brief grab for what would seem like normalicy for a regular loving chance at a relationship, where the risks are high but the only thing that was looked for was gratification and acceptance .......

Complete torture :(

yeah, it's really sad that you're both cheating on someone. Don't forget about Karma.

Yeah, I know what you mean. It's hard to not think about them. Hard when you do.

i feel ya. it's sucks when you can't be with the one you want for whatever reason.