It Won't Go Away

How do you move on from your one true love, We shared so many things together things you never tell or say to friends or a current partner, People come and go but ONE touches you like no other

When we broke up we hurt each other so much we didn't talk for 1 year, When we did we can't talk without bringing up feelings, We talk we fight, We text we fight, We e-mail we fight

That one person you don't or cant let go, Checking social sites just to look at there life without you, asking former friends how that person is

Now 2 years later we have contacted each other again, in 3 days we have text over 300 times, how is it possible to text 300 times in 72 hrs, What does that even mean ?

I found out that my ex has married and bought a house in both names and has moved on but is anything but happy, we have already agreed to meet in person in the next few months, something that will only end in heartache for the 3rd person

How do you let go 
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6 Responses Sep 16, 2011

Trust me when I say this - there were times when I wish I had what I did before my ex filed for divorce and for an entire year I couldn't help but pine for her and want her back. I was heartbroken and in desperate need of something to mend that heartache.<br />
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She has moved on like your ex has, and the only reason I care is because she has custody of our children, beyond that she has no relevance to me.<br />
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As hard as it is, I would encourage you to take this opportunity to grow as an individual, and not rely on anyone else to define who you are. Give yourself time to heal, or else you may end up repeating some mistakes.<br />
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I'll be praying for you and I wish you the best in life. If you ever need to vent feel free to message me. Take care.

Take a good look at your situation. <br />
1, You were in love with someone you fought with most of the time.<br />
2, You were left heartbroken by the break-up.<br />
3, He moved on and married someone.<br />
4, He is not in love with his wife and is cheating on her by communicating with you and agreeing to meet you.<br />
5, Who gets all the fun times? You? His Wife? NO!<br />
6, What he does to her he will and can do to you just as well.<br />
7, He will end up regreting getting back with you, <br />
8, He will more then likely blame you for everything.<br />
9, If he really loved you and wanted to get back, he would be a man and tell his wife about you.<br />
<br />
I understand you miss what you had, if he does too then he will be an honest man and stop hurting people in the process of his selfish needs. I could go on and on but If you don't believe me ask him yourself... Think about YOU! Ask him if he will tell his wife the truth about you, see what happens. <br />
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I was like you, I gave in to my ex boyfriend of three years after our big break-up he told me he moved on but, yet still had feelings for me. I loved him. I missed being with him. He knew how I felt. We had a three year relationship so I thought I could trust him I thought he was sincere and cared about me so once again I gave him all my time, gave him all my love, I trusted him. A month later he broke my heart again and blamed it all on me. He put all the bull sh_t on me. He ended up taking my love for granted, using me. tore my little heart apart then when he was all done he went right back. Didn't give one thought about how I felt or what he had just put me through. I don't know you but your story sounds all to familiar so just want to share my experience here. Take the advice or don't It's your life, your choice. I wish you well.

This what you describe I know, I felt and still feel every day. One almost cannot explain. Or...... almost? I think I cannot explain, still I'll give it a try. Why here, now, with you....? Do not ask me I do not know. But there we get to the point immediately; that's great ... mean that! Why now, why reacting to your story. These are the things we never understand, or will we? Is it coincidence? Is it chemistry? In this case; me writing this as a comment to your story I do not know, I don't think it is pure chemistry; but can be completely wrong. Concerning that what you wrote though, I think it is chemistry. Such a chemistry, stronger than what mankind can think of, and therefore that destructive. How to "steer" (lead) that in ways that stays "live-able"? I cannot tell; I though, have done anything in my power to get there. It did not work. Which is nobodies fault. Very very sad though, still. Now, for you (2) there is an extra factor you know you have to take in account. I know you know and I know you will. It is that hard though. Very hard. She, the third we talk about isn't responsible for any of this. I wish you all the luck and wisdom in the world.... When you might have a question or remark; do not hesitate to ask or mention. xW

I am going through that very thing right now. I can't offer advice on how to forget that person, but as he is now married I think you must. I know that only time will heal your pain. In my case I want her back so much because we had so much good together but we did have the frustrations of distance in our relationship and we both said, or insinuated things, that we both wish that we had not done. Now to put it back together would probably be way to painful for both of us. Sometimes you just want something so bad and you just have to come to the realization that it is not going to happen. I guess we just move on.....but there are no easy answers on how to do that. The important thing is that we learn from the experience and try never to make those mistakes again.

My advice is "don't meet him". It will only prolong your pain. Let him go. He's married now. If he's truly unhappily married, then it will probably come to an end. Don't be the one to end his marriage. That's not good karma for you (if you believe in that sort of thing). Time will heal your heart, but allow time to go by. In time, you will meet someone new and better, and then you will realize that he was not the only one for you.

Sounds like a true fairytale romance!<br />
Not everyone even gets a shot at that!<br />
I don't know that you can ever go back. <br />
How do you let go? One day at a time friend. <br />
I think that is really the only answer. Time.<br />
Life goes on, which brings up some other advise<br />
I'd like to offer.<br />
Your friend has married, he has moved on.<br />
Do you really want to be the catalyst that breaks his betrotheds heart?