My Teddy Bear

His love sits on a scale waiting to measure the dose
he feels is adequate for me. The sun shines but he never looks
my way he is always everywhere without me. If I had wings and could fly
I would watch where he goes when he is not with me. He says he loves me
but I have always just  felt this brick wall in between us I know I can't have him and it makes me cry.
Sometimes I ask myself why did I even try. I gave up my other male friends but he has kept his with pictures.
I just want to tear them to pieces. So I can lay them close to my heart.
Like glass my soul spins in search of where his mind goes when he sleeps
I am in love but he is not in love with me. When I am hurting he should know.
When I can't breathe he should notice. He is like an actor on center stage The award goes to....
Except he did not win with me because his heart is elsewhere and his mind is free to think of anyone but me.
I am not his obligation or his duty. If he could not love why bother me I had enough on my shoulder
too much pain in my heart. Where is the ending and where did it start ?
natalie343 natalie343
31-35, F
May 11, 2012