A Love I Let Go

For two years ( feeling like decades) you invaded my thoughts
Since the very moment I laid eyes on you all I wanted was a tiny piece of you
Times got hard I took too long to come to you
You found others to fill the void of me
I cried and insisted you would need me one day
It came and you had no one but me
The love I offered was the only thing free
You finally appreciated me but you fell back on a trap
 You felt you were glued to and started to tell lies to me
I loved you but I realized you were not what was best for me
Through time you changed into something I knew nothing of so
I parted with a tear in my eye
I said some things that came out the wrong way
but I meant it all you deserved much more for lying to me
On my blacklist you had to go
This was my love I had to let go
natalie343 natalie343
31-35, F
May 11, 2012