It's An Innate Tendency

I do believe that human beings tend to gravitate to those who we can't have. Especially when we feel connected to a person and want them in our lives for the long haul. It's an interesting thing, because those who fancy us and give us attention, we tend not to want.

I know that in the past when I've liked someone, it's usually been because I've been fascinated with the idea of them, once they got too close, i'd be quick to push away. I can honestly say I've only allowed to feel love once thus far. And I can't have them, and yet in some twisted way it makes me want them more. Because they fit well with me, personality wise and because I've grown to be so fond of this person.

I'd be quick to say, that I hate how love ends up being a game most of the time. But then again, i'll be one of the first to admit, that in love, you need a flame, a spark to get things started. And then once you grow so close with a person, you don't see love as a back and forth thing, you want that person, fully, and when it's not working in your favor, it's simply devastating.
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4 Responses May 12, 2012

You are wise beyond your years! ;)


Nice story, nice reading it :D

You are me.

You are you.
And I am me.

And what do you do about a lady you do not love but has vowed never to give up on you?<br />
Though she is not beautiful she is a very nice person and one of the kindest people you can ever meet.i hav told her my love for her is not the type that want to be wit her but jus being nice to her.<br />
She keeps pushing herself on me and though we ve made out I stil maintain my position and she won't leave.must I be mean and kick her out of my life???<br />
My only fear of being mean os missing her after she s gone.becos I did some to one lady I am in love wit now but she doesn't even notice me...smh

Thank you sooo much...I wil give u real time update on how matters addin u now...cheers

Dudes, i'm in that situation. I'm in love with someone who can't love me back. From a guy's perspective though like Bukbak is saying, that must be really tough :/

Love is so complicated -_______- and so painful if it's not returned.

Hm that must be really tough...but I d say,with mind and heart to purpose,there is nothing you can't achieve.however,when all is said and done and stil proves difficult,I believe letting go is the way to go and trust me there s someone out there who you will love more than the one you are loving now once they show up in your life.never say never.and I wish you best.take care.