Gawdd, I Am In Love With My Neighbor's Husband. Help Me Please.

Please don't judge me. Read this first.

I am 17 years old and my neighbor, let's hide her under the name Sarah (it's far from her real name, I swear) is 27 and her husband, let's hide him under the name Eric, super hot, is just 23. They're not really married, just living together. Sarah works abroad, Japan I think and rumors are she has another husband there, like real husband. They have a son, but he's not Eric's. 

Eric and I barely talks. Just twice and he just asked me some question about NBA (big MIAMI fan here). I like Sarah's son. He's cute and I always play with him. Truth be told, sometimes, I play with him outside because I want to see Eric. But I really love the kid.

We have a mutual friend, who we'll be hiding under the name of Jordan. He's both our best friend although Eric and I never really talked. Jordan tells me things Eric says to him and I believe him. He told me how Eric no longer have feelings for his wife because she's too much to handle and she never gave him freedom. He can't go out, he doesn't have a job because she won't allow him to get one and also because he wasn't able to take up college because his family was rich, he can't text anyone---not even his relatives, and he's not allowed to see his family. He wants to go to college but she won't allow him. 

I feel for him. Last night, Jordan and I had a very long conversation about him and he told me about all the things Eric said to him. He said Eric never felt something like what he's feeling towards me. When he's bringing Sarah's son out to play and my friends and I are hanging out, I would always spare him a glance only to catch him looking--not just looking but staring and he wouldn't bother to retrieve his stare even when I already caught him. Also, Jordan told me that Eric said if only he's not momentarily committed, he would've already asked me out. He said Eric has strong feelings for me just as much as I do to him. I believe Jordan because he's the most honest person I've ever met and we've been friends since we were in diapers. They even hid me under the codename "JAMES" from Lebron James since I'm a big fan. 

I know their problems as a couple are not my concern but I just want to hug him and comfort him but I don't know what to do about it or even how to do it at that matter. I often have these dreams about him reaching out to me and sometimes brushing my cheeks and kissing me in the forehead and you know what they say about dreams. When you dream of someone, it means they misses you or they want  to see you. 

SO I NEED HELP. Please, no rude comments. Thank you!
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2 Responses May 13, 2012

I have to agree with Molly. This guy doesn't know how to tae care of himself. He is jobless and has doubts of his current relationship. Lamentably, I must say that this could turn into a disasster. It is a kind of relationship which i think called down-hill from day 1.

He's jobless because originally, his parents doesn't want him to work since they have all the money and he could just take over their business but he wants to go to college. Problem is that Sarah's not allowing her to. But I see the relationship as how you do. So maybe I'm right about doing nothing for now. Thank you for your advice :)

Do not get involved with him until he isn't involved with her. Does that make sense? Anything else would be a complete disaster. Sweety - I get it, he's really cute and you really want to help him and you are attracted to him but you really do not know him and I have it on good authority that NO ONE, no matter what they say, can give you true insight to someone except and only that someone. In other words - your friend has great intentions but you will not know this guy until YOU, yourself, get to know him. And even IF he is unhappy with whats-her-name, it isn't your place to go in and save the day - not when your own intentions are a little more, uh, let's say romantic. Bad bad ju-ju girlfriend, I promise. So I suggest - if you are strong enough to do so - be "Eric's" friend but keep it clean and don't go any further until he is done with what's-her-name. <br />
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Always remember there are ALWAYS TWO SIDES TO EVERY STORY. Never forget that - going in with only half of the story and half cocked will bite you in your cute little arse. <br />
<br />
You are young - I will leave you with this advice, be informed of all of the situation before you make any drastic moves. By that I mean - get the WHOLE story (not someone else's version - but your own version) from listening, learning, and gathering your own information - before you make any decisions. <br />
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Good luck sweety.

So, I am right about doing nothing. I can be his friend, clean and good. Keeping my emotions aside is one of my best skills. I'll put in mind all the things you said and I'll act on it. Thank you so much &gt;:D&lt; That's one huge bear hug.