Not Your Typical Story.

Im in love. And I think we have a pretty weird relationship.. It all started when I was in my freshman year.

We've been classmates since 4th grade. We were actually friends.
But then my friends started hating him, because well, we were young and he was a boy.
I didnt have a problem with him, but then I went with the flow and started to hate him too.

We've hated each other till about the 6th grade..
When he brought alcohol to school almost everyday. My classmates and I would drink during exams, and what the hell, the teacher didnt even know. We were about neutral in 6th grade, But I still despised him.

When I turned freshman, we had to sit next to each other. I was disgusted, but I had to do it. I found out that we have the same school bus, so there was no going away. We were stuck with each other.

And then we started to talk more, and eventually there were no secrets. Except for this really big secret. I'm in love with him.

Sophomore year, we both transferred to the same school. I'm not his type or anything,But he hangs out with me most of the time. Girls love him. Random girls freaking ask him for pictures.

And at first, I was okay with it. I was fine with him flirting with girls, I was fine with him liking girls.

But then, one day, he flirted with my best friend. And I was kinda feeling jealous inside. I acted moody, and my best friend noticed. At that moment, she knew I liked him.

I denied it of course. I denied it to my best friend, and I denied it to myself for about 8 months. Then one day, I gave up. I accepted that I liked him.
And then I started liking him more.. and more.. about a year and a half later, just girls flirting with him, and him flirting with them get me pissed. I act moody, and he has no idea why. I'm thinking he might be noticing that I like him, and it worries me.
Im even more worried about that fact that I have no idea how i'll cope when he gets a girlfriend or something.

Between us, there are no secrets. We even talk about sex and stuff regularly. We talk about our issues with each other, what we think about other people and stuff, embarrassing things, BASICALLY EVERYTHING. I dont know if what you're imagining is right, just think PLAIN EVERYTHING.
He's my best friend. 

Yes, I have issues. And i'm pretty sure this isnt 'just a crush.'
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1 Response May 17, 2012

first of all u need to figure out does he feel the same? i have a friend i love as well. we have almost the same relationship as u r describing except we both werent so secret about liking each other. we hid it from everyone of course becuz everyone wud b so nosy and think that it was wrong. im sorry to say if he only likes u as a close friend then thats how it is. the saying "shud i b happy that we r friends or sad becuz thats all we will ever b." i think u shud b happy as friends if he does not want to take the next step...dont hate him if he does not tho