You're My Illusion

Art is the medium through which we connect, that's where I met you. That's how I see you, the beautiful man with those small brown eyes who teleported me into another realm. It was from you where I'm still, trying to learn to "accept my art as it is" and you can always tell how I 'm feeling. I've listened to you talk everyday and spent hours, eagerly trying to teach me the word of God, interpreting things I wouldn't have been able to do on my own. Recently it was you birthday, and I could not wait to be there in the gallery and to see you, to wish you a "Happy Birthday." I wanted to shout it to everyone, make it known, but it would've been too obvious; controlling these "feelings" I'm developing for you is hard. With this new truth that you're only 27, you've got a child who I'm just seeing, and his mother- his mother who comes by to bring him to you in the days is revealing little things. Maybe you are still with her...I can't ask you that. Your son has your eyes, he has your mouth....she's even beginning to look like you. Which must mean something- you're screwing her still, and I want you still.
It's this aching, this void, this happiness when I see you, this absence when you're away. This wanting, for you.
Hiddenintheleaves Hiddenintheleaves
22-25, F
2 Responses May 19, 2012

well definitely you need to find out, you only live once and you have to fight for love

Wow, that is intense!!! And I thought I was!!! Is this about multiple men? Wow, definitely I want to hear what comes of this, or if you will tell him?

^.^ Not so sure if I can tell him. We meet at the art centre in the days and he helps me out but he has a child, and I'm not too sure about the other side of his life..if has a's difficult :-/