I Fell In Love With A Coworker

We started out as coworkers then friends. We always flirted and I started to like him then over a year ago he told me he loved me and fell in love with me. I felt the same way. We were always around each other at work, joking, smiling, he would brush up against me, we would text each other throughout the night. 3 months ago his demeanor changed. He seems to be avoiding me but when asked he said no just busy. He says he loves me but his actions say otherwise. He used to look at me a certain way and now I can't even get him to really talk to me but I'll see him give that look and attention to someone else. It's breaking my heart. He knows I'll always love him and he's said on numerous occasions that timing sucks and if we had met years ago, we would've been together. I miss his little touches and his hugs, when he used to hug me it felt so right and e agreed, We have never taken it to a physical level, it's all emotional. I have told him how I felt and how I thought he had something going on with a coworker and he had this smirk in his face, I took it as guilty, he said its because it's funny that I think that. I asked him why things have changed and have gotten no response. It's hurting me and I don't know what else to do
Eskimo79 Eskimo79
31-35, F
Jul 20, 2012