Im In Love But He Would Never Love Me

Im in love but i know its impossible ive know him him for 4 years. We used to talk but now when i see him he just passes me. ON top ofthat my nbest friend loves him too and he is also taken i just dont know whast to do its killing me on the inside. he is the last thing i think about when i go to sleep adn the first when i wake up. he fills my thoughts everyday and i cant concentrate on anything. Ive never been really pretty i guess im of OK complexion but im also not very skinny sometimes i think to myself if maybe i was prettier and skinnier maybe then he would fall in love with me. I just cant handle it anymore and my best friend she says she feel the same way but i just dont know what to do and if either of us ever got a chance would i reject him just for my friend???? i truly want to get over him but i just need cant and it dosnt help when i have to see him evryday in the hallway at school. i know they say teens are too young to fall in love but i think im in love. .3
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2 Responses Sep 5, 2012

Just the way he is. he is really nice and caring funny exciting smart and cute he is one of the most caring people u will ever meet

What is it that makes you love him?