My First Love

Well, it all started with my girlfriend from high school, my first everything. I Was about 16 yrs old we dated pretty much throughout HS, 3 yrs. Yes we were that couple in school that everybody knew we were dating, i knew her parents she knew mine, she would go on family vacations with me and i would go with her, and anybody that is Latino knows that does not fly very well lol... unfortunately she was going back to her country ( Costa Rica) when she finished HS, she wanted to go study over there so she broke things off, at that time i was devesyedayed. The night before she left i left a teddy bear and a card on the hood of her parents car so she would see it in the morning. And that is the last i heard from her. Until this may, thanks to the evil empire of Face Book. And ironically enough i fond her by mistake in one of our mutual friends page from HS this friend posted a HS pic of me on her page and she (my ex) commented on the photo, i befriended her and we started talking thru FB then lead to personal emails from work and finally phone calls. Turns out she is divorced and has been with her significant other for 9 yrs she has two kids one from her previews marriage and a 3yrd old from this one. Come to find out after she left to costa rica she came back to the states for a couple years but could not get a hold of me. Now she has been back in costa rica for ten yrs. Anyway call it destiny or what ever i personaly did not belive is destiny and that nome sence till now. We started talking by email daily even on tje weekends she would even call me from her home when her significant other was not home or working. And let me tell you is like we never missed a beat, she confess how much she missed me and thougjt of me when she first left. And that teddy bear i left in tje hood of her moms car she still has it. Send me a pic of it with my initials i put on it.. we made plans for her to come to tje states on oct and spend a weekend togjer and see what would happen. She also confes that she would love to have a relationship with me, we both knew what we were getting our selfs into, but we said **** it and went with it. Oh yeah am also married, now seperaded becUse of this. Anyway plans got broken when her significant other found out about me and who i was. Things did not go good from there he threaten her to take her daughter away, but we used to talk after that not as much as before but we talked until **** really hit the fan when he found out she was still talking to me, and received and email not to write her or call her anymore that she had mo interest in doing so?? WTF!!! I know am being selfish but after all we talked about and all she said about the way she fell about me i refuse to believe those are her words.. it's been about a month since I've spoken to her and man do i miss her. I can honestly say she is my soul mate, and i truly love her even after i got married i would think of her. My buddies from HS would always tell ******* around (if she walks thru that door right now what would you do) and as ****** up as this may sound my answer was, I'll leave in a heartbeat to be with her. I hope that i can talk to her sometime in the near future and see what happens. Maybe things just needs to cool down on her side. But i tell you what i cant get her out of my head.

Special thanks to a great friend of mine and one of my first friends here on ep for being tjere for me and giving me advise when i needed it. She evwn went as far as trying to call her in costa rica when i could not get a hold of her. Thank you (amazinlyamazing) for all you do;))
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Wow. Pure and true love. Sadly that kind of love is forbidden by destiney. :'(