Annoying Feelings For Him

I really don't know what should I do, for the man that I never see in the person. We talked using Internet but his charisma touches to my heart, he is the only man made me crazy. Two a years ago We met in the site, i thought he is good for me as a friends then I figure out that he have a lot of women flirting on him. I was so dis appointed because I think He use relationship as his spare time in the internet, I hate that people who played a feeling of the others. During the time to knowing each other, i feel i was laying on the clouds I felt so good and inspired me everyday , when I spent a time to talk and had some conversation, My friends concern at me for my feeling for him and I was listened to them and decided to Un friend him in facebook. It was hurts because my inspiration had lost but for the sake of my Feelings, I did. 6 months ago we chatted again but not in the facebook, I forgot to erase his name on My yahoo account we friend at yahoo. then we both online , I don't know if a destiny or timing but he message me, he asking me why he did not see me on friend list. why I was remove him. them I only answered is simple silent, i'm scared to tell him the truth, until my sister take over the computer and then they had a conversation and became friends in fb. I thought I was move on. I tried not to jealous by them but I can't. I felt so Pathetic. I was pretend that I was Move on by him so I accept his friend request. but every time I read the headlines always he had a new relationship with the other woman. Until the started the class and new student in the class caught my attention and i'm infatuation by my new classmate, later on i'm gonna move on by Jemar, but now i got over him. then my feeling for he is came back again. Oh my God I'm getting Jealous who flirting on him but I know I'm not the right person who complain and argue with him. now I'm so wonder about my feeling for him. I really don't know if I'm in love with him or Like him, as a friend or as a Lover.. why is this happening to me? is it a possible to in love with someone who never see? what kind of drugs that can help me to get over him?

Sharot27 Sharot27
22-25, F
1 Response Sep 14, 2012

how are you doing now ?