Back in July i posted a story about my bf's friend. We'll i told him. And he feels the same way about me. Me and him talk alot. I had posted a cofession about wanting to have a ********* with two guys and that too is going to come true. But with him and my bf.
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Oh yeah, I definitely want to hear his story!

Lol im sure he would like to tell it too.

Ha ha, I meant this story!

Omg lol. Well i think its weird that he wants to watch me **** another guy in front of him. Is that a guy thing?

I wouldn't say its a guy thing. I would much rather be participating than watching. But if I was the friend I wouldn't be complaining at all!

Oh ok. Sometimes i wonder what goes through guys heads. Lmao!!!

Well sweetheart we wonder the same thing sometimes.

So have y'all discussed when this will happen?

Like soon. Maybe next weekend. Im excited. I mean there is def some chemistry btween me and the friend.

I meant week. Jeez. Lol.

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great. Looking forward to ur ********* experience sharing :)