An Endless Cycle

How is it that I can see my dreams but cannot live it? I've still fallen for the same girl I met ages ago, yet every time I see her, kiss her, touch her, I know I truly can't have her...its like that endless hallway dream no matter how hard you try and make it to the end, you never reach. As hard as I try and push the thoughts of what I'm thinking to the back of my head, she catches on and knows it, yet my damn conscience still haunts me, I cant do this, I cant replace someone else's life with my own, its just not me, yet I want it so badly that I'm afraid what would happen if we stay together, how many minutes, hours, days, months, years until I finally crack, or she decides to leave me...I don't want to truly feel this way, my heart hurts, my head pounds, I have trouble sleeping, I have nightmares...all because she's someone I know I can't have...but still want.
1986Scott 1986Scott
22-25, M
2 Responses Sep 24, 2012

you is screwed.

Women are cruel, in so many ways...