I Wish He Was Still Mine

i met this guy about few months back .. it was my dad's friends birthday party , so my family was invited . since i didn't really know anyone there , so i just stayed at th back and didn't talk much . i just sat at th corner like some idiot . that's when i saw him .. tall and cute and wearing a cute geeky specs . he came up towards me and started talking to me . in th beginning i was afraid to really make a conversation with him , i even afraid to look him in th eyes !! he had th cutest eyes ever ! but slowly , i managed to warm up to him .. so we chatted for a long time . by th end of th night , we had exchanged our numbers . i thought that was about it , and i didn't expect him to like call me or anything but he did !! that same night , i got a surprise call from him . he said he just wanted to say goodnight and to hear my voice again .. that was when i knew he was th one for me . day by day went by .. we were slowly becoming more than friends . one night , he told me this : 'hey kitty , i've got an idea . how about we play this game ? let's be platonic lovers .. it means that we do what normal couples do but no drugs , no sex and definitely no feelings involved . and most importantly , if either one of us finds someone else , th other has to let go willingly ..' i agreed to it .. coz i didn't knew i would fall in love with him .. so we continued our days as usual . things were getting along just fine . we laughed , hugged , kissed and stuff . it was perfect .. simply too perfect . until one day ... he texted me saying : 'can we talk serious now ?' my heart was beating so fast . i had a feeling things were gonna change . he asked me whether i remembered our promises and i said yes .. and that was when he said : 'i found a lady i like and i want to pursue liking her' i couldn't even think straight and simply said 'Just go .' i cried non stop that night .. from that night on , my life changed completely . i couldn't think straight , i couldn't eat or drink properly . my heart misses him terribly and i wish i could tell him i love but i can't . i have to keep th promise i promised him .. i wish that one day he will realise how much i love him and that he will be mine one day ..
mirababykitty mirababykitty 16-17, F 3 Responses Oct 8, 2012

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You will love again. It doesn't seem that way in the shadow of this break up. But this will be your time to build you. Get a degree. Build a career. Develop a skill. Learn a new language. When you meet the next guy. Make sure he brings his heart to the table.

I'm really sorry! And I know it hurts you to hear it. But is a piece of as*! I went through something similar three years ago. I know the feeling.

im so sorry he was a huge **** he obviously does not deserve you.You can do better than him.I know when you start to develop feelings for someone too soon you always end getting hurt *personal experience*