I Cant See Her

im 13 my name is Robert(bobby)i go to a public school with the kids at my foster home, and my brother who is 14 his name is ryley, my mom and dad died when i was 3 and when ryley was 4 due to a drug overdose and we were sent to a foster home, at school there is this girl her name ia alana and she has brown hair and green eyes she is beutiful, but i cant have her she is in 8th grade like me, and she is 13 like me, but i cant ask her to the dance coming up in december i want to but im afraid she wont like me becuse all of the boys i live with are jerks and smoke weed and drink and steal, and she might think i do that too but i dont, my brother dosent either, i want her so bad, she also may not like me cuz i have ADHD and bipolar disorder no meds, but that dosent mean im different i just want one chance with her and i swear she will be falling for me, i have never had anything good in my life i only have 3 important people in my life, my brother, ryley and two boys at my foster home skylar is 15 and gavin is 13 i want to have 4 and make it, ryley,sky,gavin, and alana it would make my life complete i cant even explain how it is, i mean i lost my parents i lost my oldest brother, his name was ross he died when he was 8 he had cancer, the cops thought that since my parents were so depressed over that they killed themselves to be with him, but what about me and ryley, i just want to have someone that cares about me besides guys, you know what i mean?
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wow your story brings back memory's to me kid, you're still young and you have you're whole life ahead of you, and this is what i thought and i regret to think this i always thought that i can wait till high school and all that, but now everyone is shallow and is worried about appearance and who they're with kid, be you're self, show her that you're sensitive, talk about her, ask her what she wants to be when she gets older idk it's a different ball game in high school, good luck player(;

You are amazing and she would be lucky to have you.tell her what you wrote here and she will instantly like you back.I'm in 8th grade two and a girl so trust me all girls love a sensitive sweet guy who thinks their beautiful!give it a try good luck!

try her, only then you will know.

ok, thanks alot

Hey, if this girl means alot to you then don't be scared and go and ask her, tell her how you feel about her, and that you want to dance with her, you never know she might say yes.... Take a shot

thanks i will try