''i Love Him, But I Can Never Have Him''

I met him two years ago in a company where I am recently working, and I fall in love with him on the first day I saw him, but I kept it inside my heart because I know it won't work out even if i revealed my feelings towards him because he is already ''married''. He became my best friend even though my feelings untold, but still loving him in spite of the situation. We used to talked over the phone most of the time and even I shared to him about my problems and so on. This past few months, we even get closer talking each other through phone and even at work. Where people see us and tend that we are lovers, then at that time my true feelings revealed and he even shared to me that he is in love with me too.. We went out once, and let it out all the feelings that he also loved me..but now we still used to talk to each other and telling me always that he loves me.. I know what is right from wrong but it still baffles me, and I'd rather hurt myself than to hurt anyone. I loved him so much than I could sacrifice myself not to continue this freaky feeling but its killing me because I don't know what to do..I told him its better to stop this because it won't work out..it makes me cried and I hate this kind of feelings..
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mine is almost the same story...i'm still communicating with him but eventually we'll soon go on separate lives...it's so painful and the thought of losing him makes me so sad...but while we still have each other, i tried to make the best of it until it's over...

This is a sad situation, but not unique. Be open to seeing other people, there are lots of dating sites. My friends met on eHarmony. You never know. You may find someone you care about, and that is available.