I Love My Best Friends Cousin...

My best friend has known for a long time that i have had a crush on her cousin, but now she doesn't know I am madly in love with him. SHe has always wanted me and her cousin to date but i was to scared to twll him how i feel. and i started talking to her about him, find out more about him in general. and as she explain about him my heart grew more fond of him. and i want him so bad but i cant have him because he doesn't have an intreset in me, that and he woud never date his cousins best mate! i want this love to go away but it wont, forever alone!
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1 Response Dec 9, 2012

Have you even tried? Come on, wake up, you're interested, you're best friend doesn't mind and actually encourages it. There are people have bigger relationship issues than this. Just go ask him out dammit!

I fear rejection

You cannot get rejected if you don't try.