I joined this group a ways back when it actually applied to an emotional affair I was having (roughly two years ago). I never wrote a story about it, things fell apart, and so, a story never really got written. In many ways, I am close to being able to say this once again, but it's someone here at EP, and I really would not want to scare this beautiful woman off by making her think it's love, not lust! She, like me, feels stuck in a difficult marriage, and I think that's one reason we connect so well. So watch out, EP, someday soon I may be boldly declaring my love. lol
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Dang! Did I miss something?

Not enough, unfortunately. Lol

I'm sorry I didn't see this sooner A ...
You never know what tomorrow will bring .... I hope its all good for you my friend.

Did I miss the bold declaration of love?

LMAO nope... like many of these, it fell through! ;-)

Yes, that seems to happen around here. Either they fall through or the love affair only lasts a short time.

Well I would love to graduate to a short time lol!

Maybe you'll get lucky one of these days!

Maybe, just maybe, I will! :-)

I hope so

Thanks! That's a sweet thought. :-P

You know me, nothing but sweet thoughts for my friends!

You are a really nice witch! :-)

I really am, sometimes I'm so nice I can't even stand myself! LOL!

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