Why You Can't Love Me?

so is the common matter for those who can't have the person they consider my soulmate.

this girl shares practically everything with me, we both have the same likes, hell, even the creepy ones.

we have the same age, go to the same school and classroom, we spent all the time on shool togheter but... here is the trouble, the words that all who loves some one you can't have hates to say: she(on my case) have a boyfriend.

damn it i hate even to write it, her boyfriend compared with me is far uglier than me, he is older than her and seem to be a fool to me.

she knows i love her, she didn't bother.

before she knew about my feelings, she constantly speak about her boyfriend.

when she knew i love her, she never speaks about him, when she mention him she try to correct herself saying that her brother did it instead of her boyfriend, when she shows me pictures on her cellphone she hide the ones that show her whit her boyfriend.

is she trying to save me on falling into jelausly because she fear i might stop been her friend? i'll really want to know.

the worst, i can't have her and i feel she is the one, i'll never found someone like her again, i'm starting to think about giving up on love, is this correct? or i'm insane
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This is sorta like my story and it make me pretty upset reading it I can't tell you what to do because it's your lite and thats what I thorght in my situation I have to live life up to the full but how on earth could I do that with whom I believe is my soulmate not mine to have. I feel your pain your not alone.

You either have to cut contact with her or give up all expectations and love her unconditionally!

Is difficult to love a straight person and the only reason why she don't want to lose you is because incaise she ever feels alone or ever need a hand you are her backup plan they can't love us the way whe really wish they would just try to stayed away from her so she won't hurt you anymore just told her you are doing this not because you don't care about her you are doing it cause you really care for her at the end you ain't losing her she is losing you but life is this way for us the different people.hope the straights one day also learn to not used us as a second choise or there backup plan.because they hurt us but whe can't hurt them.and you are not giving up on her is just that your heart don't diserve to suffer for someone who dosent fell the same way.just try to make better your life and try to be happy w out her

that is going to be difficult, very difficult, she take out my depression, she make me social, now her friends are also mine, and they really trust me, the friends i had by my own always said she change my life and she did it.

i know it sounds pathetic but if one day she feels lonely and want me to be her new couple, even if she doesn't love me the same way, i will say yes and be with her even if i'm poisoning my soul

She will never need you as a couple she will aways see you as an object to used she could even tell you that she love you but feel discuted to say that inside her I once open my life to this guy and at the end I understand that it wasn't worth to lose my life this way and I still love him but is rare that a straight can feel god feelings for us I just want to give you support I been in the same spot you are standing And I used to think the same way but time goes by and she will get married have a family and whe won't mean anything to them.I just want to tell you that u are not alone u are part of our community and you can count on most of us if u ever need a friend.

and what?, listen i find difficult to find some one who shares my likes, now i found it and i don't want to let her go.

tell me: is it really a bad idea to give up on love? i mean i fear lonliness above everything but, may be with time i'll learn to leave with only friends and family.

u dont love her,the only reason u want her is u want to manipulate her. good for u bad for her


please tell me why you belive i want to manipulate her?

i'll never do such thing specially to her

Dude serausly awnser me, you are making me enrage with my self ( i can't be mad with you... I DON'T KNOW YOU!)