I Can't Pretend I'm Fine With This

It's just one of those classic stories.
I met her at freshers week of university - I think looking back if I could I would tell myself not to go to that party. I would most like to delete her from my mind. As she has..consumed it.
It's obsession of a level I've never experienced and it scares me when I stop to think about it.
We met, and it took less than a week for me to fall in love - I've never fallen in love before and I knew she was the one.

Sometimes I think I'm overreacting and the rational side of me wants to tell me there are other people out there yet I just cannot. stop. this. I blog lot to try and put my feelings down into words, to try and get it out.

And here is the ultimate catch 22 of anyone in this situation. You wish you never met them so you could feel normal again and yet you are in love - I spend half my time wondering how I ever lived without her before I was friends with her.
It's kinda like drowning but you don't ever die.
swiftnick007 swiftnick007
Dec 11, 2012