Oh Baby I Don Want Your Tears Fall Down,,they're So Precious

When she's alone
when she's had a long day
when she's lonely
when she's up too late not knowing why
when she's upset not knowing the reason
when she needs a shoulder to lean on
when life seems a burden to her
when she's cryin alone sitting on her bed alone
when she feels that no one understands her
when she's curled up like a ball cryin n cryin
..........Does my thought cross her mind???
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3 Responses Dec 17, 2012

Who is she buddy?

your fantasy love?

I like this a lot!

I just started reading some of your other stuff too its really good! Heartfelt and sincere and full of emotion.

Your last day? That sucks. Why are you leaving if you don't mind me asking?

Understandable. Im always lost and a couple weeks ago I was gonna leave too then I started talking to someone amazing who without knowing it convinced me to stay. Best wishes to you.

I should read all ur stories!!! ^ ^ they r awesome