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I've found my teacher attractive since the first day of school. His brown straightish-wavyish hair constrasted against his pale Irish skin. His eyes, even though brown, seemed to sparkle. After a few weeks, I realized that I have a huge crush on him. And now, I honestly think that I am in love with him. You can say that it's lust, or infatuation, or just a big crush, but I have never felt this way before. I have never met a man before and said to myself, "We are going to be married someday". He is 9 years older than me, being 25 to my 16 years of age. He's not married (but in a casual relationship) nor does he have kids. Am I being silly? Is it really far fetched to think that one day, after I leave high school of course, I could be with him?
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if you tried hard enough you could

Yeah, and if I magically got hot all of a sudden.

Oh Lordy! Sounds like mine! He is Irish and gorgeous too! I am the same age as him though which makes it easier maybe. I am an adult student. At least this guy you like is still in his twenties though if he was thirty might not be a good idea. Keep it a crush for now, see how you feel when you reach eighteen, and him, too. Good Luck!

He has a girlfriend who is basically a model. He could do (and is doing) a lot better than me. It's not like my age would ever make a difference, I'd just like to think that someday he could feel the same way that I feel about him.

I know, ''my'' guy probably has some model girl on his arm too...sad really there are too many beautiful girls in the world haha!!

I know, right? If you don't mind me asking, how old are you?

Today was my last day in his class and i just wanted to pour my heart out to him but I knew that I couldn't :(

Much older than you lol, 28. He's 29. I did get signs he liked me once but not so much now...I had crushes at your age like, loads of them. Haven't had one on a teacher till now though!

oh wow! lol. I had a tiny crush on a teacher last year, he was around your age and he was my french teacher. He was cute but it wasn't a major crush (plus he it turned out he was gay lol) and I didn't exactly see him as someone that I could spend my life with. I do have lots of crushes, around 3 at the moment not including my teacher lol, But they aren't serious, it's just people who I think are attractive.

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